Internet Searching - Grades 9-12


Discussion Questions

  1. What are search engines?
  2. Name ways to refine a search.
  3. What are the main boolean operators? Which ones broaden your search and which ones narrow your search?
  4. How do I search for an exact phrase in the regular search area?
  5. Name another search engine besides Google and tell why you would use it.
  6. As long as I rearrange the words or change a few words of an author's text, I am not plagiarizing, right?
  7. Where can I go online to create citations?

Additional Video Tutorials and Resources

Google's Searching Tips
Search Operators
Additional Basic Search Tips

Google's Advanced Search - Refine and narrow your search results, click here to see what Google's Advanced Search can do for you.

Evaluating Internet Sources - Since anyone can post to the web, it is important to be able to evaluate internet sources for accuracy. Click here to see a short tutorial on evaluating internet sources.

Search Engines to Try
Sweet Search - search engine for students, searches 35,000 trusted sited
InstaGrok - searches only educational sites, presents information in an interactive visually dynamic concept map
Oolone - relatively new search engine that presents results in a more visual way

Documenting Sources - When researching is important to document where you found your online resources in case you need to return to the site for more information. To see how to informally document your online resources, click here.

Copyright Free Image Sites
Classroom Clipart
Imagebase - free photographs
Public Domain Images

Copyright Free Music Sites

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