9-12 Social Media


Social Media - Grades 9-12

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some examples of Social Networking sites? Which ones do you use?
  2. At what age can you create your own Social Networking account without parental permission?
  3. What are some examples of Private Stuff that should remain private?
  4. Why is it never a good idea to set your privacy settings to Public on Social Networking sites?
  5. What are some guidelines for posting on Social Networking sites?
  6. What should you do if you feel that you have been bullied on a Social Networking site?
  7. What should you do if you come across a post, video, or image that makes you feel uncomfortable?


Social Networking - describes a recent type of website that allows members the ability to post text and other forms of content (video, pictures, etc), to initiate relationships with other members, and participate in discussions with those participants.

Web 2.0 - considered the second generation of web tools that focus on user collaboration, sharing of content, and social networking.

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