Internet Searching - Grades K-2


Discussion Questions

  1. Where can you look for information on a topic?
  2. What are programs that help you search the internet called?
  3. Name a couple kid-friendly search engines you can use?
  4. What should do if you come across something inappropriate?
  5. Why should you document your sources?

Other Video Tutorials

Boolify is a kid-friendly search engine that teaches students how to narrow their internet searches. It also searches for kid-friendly sites. To see how Boolify works, click here.

Sweet Search 4 Me is another kid-friendly search engine for younger students. It searches only sites that have been reviewed by their research experts and the sites are at an easier reading level. To see how Sweet Search 4 Me works, click here.

Documenting Sources - When researching is important to document where you found your online resources in case you need to return to the site for more information and to give credit to the author or publisher of the information. To see how to informally document your online resources, click here.

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