K-2 Online Safety


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Discussion Questions

Internet Safety - discussion
  • What are your favorite things to do online?
  • What is personal information? Why should you keep it private?
  • What could you do to be safer online?
  • What would you do if anyone online asked to meet you face-to-face?
  • Who do you feel that you can talk to if you are in a scary or uncomfortable situation?

Forms and Downloads

Additional Video Tutorials, Resources and Activites

Internet Safety Lessons
These resources feature issues such as cyberbullying and sharing too much information. These resources simplify complicated Internet safety concepts for children as they begin to interact with more sophisticated technology, such as cell phones and social networking sites. Click here to view lessons which prepare young kids to protect themselves online and encourage them to be active members of their digital communities.

Other great resources include:
NetSmartz - to view other Basic Internet Safety Resources for young kids
(especially the videos: "Be Safer" and "It's OK to Tell")

Internet Safety Video
Click here to view and share a video with your class.

Classroom Activities

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