Keep Your Username/Passwords Private
  • Giving your username/passwords to others, not only provides them access to the legal documents and important documentation of which you are accountable, but also the ability to change this information.dc_password.png
  • Having your passwords saved and/or set to automatically log in gives anyone and everyone access to those accounts and theinformation stored in them.
  • Writing your passwords and taping them to your computer makes your passwords readily available to anyone who near your computer. Since many of our programs are now web-based, others could use this information to access your accounts from other computers.
  • Never give out your username/password to students!
    • setting up any Web 2.0 sites always create a different username/password for students to use.
    • Installing software and printers require your username and password and teachers should be the only one to input this information.
  • Please remember your email password is also linked to your computer login, Dublin wiki/blogs, Moodle Servers, School Servers and the web filter. Also your (DASL) daily attendance username and password is also linked to your ProgressBook accounts and student information.
  • Any home personal username/passwords should never be used as your school or professional username/passwords. As you don't want anyone to have access to school information, you would never want anyone to access your personal accounts, such as your banking or social media accounts.

Board Policy
  • 7540.01A Personal Use of District Technology - Each staff member and student will be issued a password for use with Board-owned technology, provided the individual agrees not to share the password with others. The existence of a password does not guarantee confidentiality or privacy and the Board retains the right to use any person's password to monitor the type of use that is being made of Board-owned technology.
  • 7540.04 - Staff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
    • B. Staff members may only access the Network by using their assigned Network account. Use of another person's account/address/password is prohibited. Staff members may not allow other users to utilize their passwords. Staff members may not go beyond their authorized access. Staff members are responsible for taking steps to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts by logging off or "locking" their computers when leaving them unattended.