Ever have that perfect lesson ready to go, but have no/little supporting technology equipment available or in working order? This can be very frustrating. To minimize this frustration and to maximize the success of a technology lesson it is important for everyone to take pride in the district technology equipment.

It is important to take care of you laptop to keep it in good shape: prevention is always better than cure. There are a number of easy things that you can do to keep your laptop in great shape; following these easy steps will help to ensure that it lasts longer and will need less maintenance. As an added bonus, many of the steps will also maintain your lap
mac devices.png
top’s speed.

Suggestions on how to manage computer equipment (desktops, laptops, iPads & iPods) to maximize its use:
1) Stay away from eating or drinking while using the equipment.
2) When utilizing the computer, make sure your hands are clean.
3) When you are finished using the equipment, logout, turn it off, and plug it in so it is ready for the next person using it. NOTE: laptops, especially, should be turn
ed off before moving them around or putting them in a computer bag.
  1. Report any issues immediately to the technology help desk at http://techsupport.dublinschools.net
  2. When you are using a laptop, make sure that you lay it flat on a hard surface. This assures proper airflow. DO NOT place it on your lap.
  3. Protect the LCD display monitor. When you shut your laptop, make sure there are no small items, such as a pencil, earbuds, even just a piece of paper, on the keyboard.
  4. Insert pen drives carefully and at the correct angle. Pushing the wrong drive into a socket, or at an angle, or even upside down can jam it.