Sites that provide web or mobile-based social interaction and dialogue.

Communicating with your students and parents is extremely important.
In today's world, there are may options available: Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, email, web sites, and more. Since there are so many options available, it is important to keep your personal information and social media accounts private and separate from your professional communication and social media accounts.

Social Media Accounts
  • If you choose to use social media as a communication tool with parents and students, get administrator approval.
  • Never use your personal social media accounts with students and parents.
  • Create a separate professional account to post and communicate school information with students and parents.
  • In Facebook creating a Fan Page allows you to post information and you don't have to be a "friend" to see the information. We suggest using Create Page when using the fan page feature.
  • Never "friend" students and parents to personal social media accounts.
  • Do not let students follow you on your personal social media accounts.
  • Set your personal social media accounts to private to keep others from finding your accounts.
  • Be careful when posting any school related information on your personal social media account. You can still be held accountable for your thoughts and comments even though it is on your personal page.

Personal Information
  • Do not share personal information with students and/or parents.
  • No information should be shared with students or parents that would allow them to find where you live or give them access to your private information.
  • Passwords shouldn't be but are often created with family pet names, favorite sports teams, home address, and/or birthdays. Sharing this personal information makes guessing your passwords easier.
  • It is not recommended to share your cell phone number with parents and students. Parents and students can easily access you through email and voicemail.



Permanent Footprint
What kind of footprint or impression do you want to follow you for the rest of your lives?