Protecting Student Identity
Many teachers are using social media and web sites as a way to communicate with parents. It is important to remember to keep the identity of the students protected. Sometimes information can be made available without you knowing it.

PicturesYou cannot post any pictures or any student information anywhere without parent permission. If parents signed and turned in the
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"Opt-Out" form, the sharing of student pictures or information is limited. The from must be checked for specific limitations.
  • If pictures are posted online, it is recommended that you use a password protected page.
  • If pictures are posted online, it is recommended that you have parents sign a permission slip.
  • No students' names or any other information should be posted on the page that could be used to identify students.
  • Remember, pictures can contain information you may not intend to share.
    • Picture names can easily be accessed. When a picture is dragged from a website to your desktop, the name shows, so be careful when naming a picture.
    • Backgrounds of pictures can be enlarged to reveal information. For example, an address on the front of house, school name, street sign, etc.
    • If a picture was taken with a cell phone or a camera with GPS, the location of the picture can be accessed.
  • Once a picture is posted online, it cannot be taken back.

  • G. Staff members are expected to abide by the following generally accepted rules of network etiquette:
    • 5. Never reveal names, addresses, phone numbers, or passwords of students while communicating on the Internet, unless there is prior written parental approval.
  • P. Staff members are reminded that personally identifiable student information is confidential and may not be disclosed without prior written parental permission.