TST Work

Digital Citizenship lessons should have the same basic information for all bands, just at a different level. The difference comes in vocabulary, examples, and discussion questions. We will divide up topics, then create versions for each band. Put your name next to the topic(s) you want. Pair up, or work alone. Remember to created all 5 versions for the topic(s) you pick. We’ll put our DLOs in the lessons database using the same framework so consistency shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Account Security (Sibb)
  • BYOD (Rhonda)
  • Internet Searching (Laura)
  • Social Media (Sweet)
  • Equipment Care (Rhonda)
  • Privacy (Trish)
  • Online Safety (Beth)


  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Teachers

Digital Citizenship Lessons - Lessons Database

  • slideshows (with narrative)
  • videos
  • PDF files
  • discussion questions to assist teachers in leading conversations with students
  • further research (links)

Resources to Include, Further Research

  • iLearn
  • eTech
  • Common Sense Media
  • Web 2.0 permission form (each level)

Account Security

  • protect yourself... don’t share your password, log out
  • respect others logins
  • follow the rules... don't do something just because you can
  • don't give your password out to subs, etc.
  • don't write your password on a note on your desk, computer, bulletin board
  • ethical use. DUBNET only on school-owned devices
  • monitor kids
  • What makes a good password?


  • device rules
  • how to connect - DCS_GUEST
  • keeping your device safe
  • ethical use - no bathroom, no locker room, permission from teacher/classes

Internet Searches

  • being more effective
  • find something inappropriate? TELL someone.
  • copyright
  • use of images - give credit, link to site where you got the image, try Creative Commons & Wikimedia

Social Media

  • not at school for personal use even if you’re on your personal device
  • privacy settings - don't open up to public
  • Don't friend anyone you've not met in person
  • not at school for personal use
  • don't allow sites that allow students to post anonymously
  • Web 2.0 - monitor & moderate
  • Parent permission - Web 2.0, social media
  • don't friend kids ever
  • don't use same social media personal & professional
  • use Dublin email
  • better communication is via website

Equipment care

  • no food, drink
  • handling
  • report issues
  • keep secure/locked
  • inspect equipment when handed out, inspect when returned.... think rental car.