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Discussion Questions

  1. Is your password lastname09? If yes it is definitely time to change your password. Is your password easy for students to guess? If you answer yes then you might want to protect all your files and change your password.
  2. If students knew your password where are all the places they can get into on your computer? What's the worst thing that can happen if they went to those places?
  3. Can you post student pictures on your teacher website?
  4. Where should documents that contain student identifiable information be shared and stored?

Activities and Handouts

  1. Have all students login to https://password.dublinschools.net and change their password and create their security questions.
  2. Decide where documentation that has student confidential information on it will be stored.
  3. Decide how multiple teachers that need to edit documents will work together. If a Dublin folder needs to be created submit a helpdesk ticket https://dashboard.dublinschools.net

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