Social Media - Teachers

Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean for you "Not at School for Personal Use"?
  2. Do you have a personal and a professional Social Media presence? Do you understand the need to separate them?
  3. Are there ever any instances where it is OK to friend a student on your personal Social Media account? What harm is there in doing this?
  4. What kinds of Social Media do you use in the classroom? How do you use it?
  5. Do you keep your Dublin Schools website updated?


Social Networking - describes a recent type of website that allows members the ability to post text and other forms of content (video, pictures, etc), to initiate relationships with other members, and participate in discussions with those participants.

Web 2.0 - considered the second generation of web tools that focus on user collaboration, sharing of content, and social networking.

Forms and Downloads

Elementary Web 2.0 Permission Slip
Middle School Web 2.0 Permission Slip
HIgh School Web 2.0 Permission Slip

For Further Inquiry

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